Announcing: Paint En Pointe

This weekend marks the beginning of a monthly series of collaborations between myself and dancer/choreographer Patric Kuo. One night each month we will be staging two performances (one group, one solo), based on the works exhibited in the space during the month (the gallery, by the way, is Spot81 Sydney). You’ll note that this is Paint En Point number 2… PeP number 1 was performed to existing in music, before Patric had the idea of inviting me on board to compose for all-original performances. We have previously worked together on a performance and installation work called oingoboingo, which was performed last year. I am very excited to be composing for dance once again and there will hopefully be video captured of the full performances in the coming months.

This is a teaser we cut together based on some rehearsal footage this week. This is the group performance for August, and is based on Penny Coss’ exhibition, Tectonic Effect.