November 2016

  ALTER is a short dance video I created with Patric Kuo for the 2016 In Motion Festival at AirSpace Projects Sydney. The video was developed over about 12 months.   The process behind ALTER begins with an animated sequence I made while in Beijing in October 2015. Without internet or speakers, I found myself silently experimenting with some visual ideas, largely based around a morphing - almost trembling - grid of lines. I didn't have a particular project in mind for these clips - they were just experiments that I thought might later prove useful for a music video or live visuals

Edit/update December 2017: Despite my praise about the platform, the third week's mix from the residency has been removed from Mixcloud! I've sent an email to their support team to try and find out why - will report back if I hear anything. Enjoy weeks 1 and 2 below.   In August I was invited to host Triple J's Mix Up show as their monthly resident DJ, which also included an hour long Dro Carey mix each Saturday over 3 weeks. It was a lot of fun hanging with Lewi McKirdy and getting to showcase a bunch of interesting tracks. If you

  You can grab Elevate (Feat. Cadell & Chocolate) as a free download here   Following the release of the 'Dark Zoo' EP earlier this year on Soothsayer, which touched mainly on house and UK Garage modes, I wanted to do something that tapped back into the genre that got things started as far as 'Dro Carey' productions - grime.   I produced this beat at the beginning of July, in the midst of some of the Australian Dark Zoo tour shows. From the morning I wrote it, up to getting the verses in and everything mixed, the whole track was finished about a month