This is the second of two posts about my involvement with the Sydney Opera House 'Remix The House' project, spanning 2015-17.   In 2017, Club Weld held a residency at the music studios at the Opera House. This tied in once again to the 'Remix The House' concept of recording and sampling the SOH spaces themselves. I returned as a creative mentor, which involved general feedback and technical insights on music-making for interested CW members with electronic elements in their work, as well as accompanying the Club Weld musicians on another field recording tour of the House and providing a brief tutorial on

  This is the first of two posts about my involvement with the Sydney Opera House 'Remix The House' project, spanning 2015-17.   Remix The House first came about as a sound project that tied into Vivid Sydney in 2014, with George Nicholas of Seekae visiting the SOH and making field recordings throughout the varied spaces of the House, and then editing these recordings into a set of samples. The samples were then given to a selection of artists (who were performing on Vivid lineups) to construct into pieces of electronic music. This process began anew near the end of 2015 and I

Header image: Linda Luke - Sediment of the Inland Sea - still from video documentation by Vsevolod Vlaskine 2017   Last year I was involved in sound design for PLATFORM 2017, a set of performances curated by Tess de Quincey and Linda Luke that played out in sequence through multiple areas of Articulate Project Space, Sydney on July 15 and 16. This marked my second year of involvement with PLATFORM, as I previously contributed sound to the 2016 iteration (which was performed in the more conventional black box theatre space of the KXT bAKEHOUSE in King's Cross).   Organised and produced by De Quincey Co, PLATFORM

    Last year I collaborated with dancer and performance artist Verity Mackey on a project called 'Lacuna,' which was performed over 2 nights at Interlude Gallery in Glebe, Sydney. We were fortunate enough to have the first night's show shot by director Eliya Nikki Cohen. An edit of Eliya's footage is streamable above. Huge thanks to Eliya for documenting and editing the video for such a long piece. And a special thank you also to Interlude Gallery for allowing us to work and perform in the space.   A 'lacuna' is a gap or indentation - a technical/medical example of the word's use

  ALTER is a short dance video I created with Patric Kuo for the 2016 In Motion Festival at AirSpace Projects Sydney. The video was developed over about 12 months.   The process behind ALTER begins with an animated sequence I made while in Beijing in October 2015. Without internet or speakers, I found myself silently experimenting with some visual ideas, largely based around a morphing - almost trembling - grid of lines. I didn't have a particular project in mind for these clips - they were just experiments that I thought might later prove useful for a music video or live visuals

This week Verity Mackey will perform a new solo dance work called Lacuna at Interlude Gallery in Sydney. I have composed the score for this performance - an extended electronic piece that is dominantly concerned with sound design and the conjuring of environments (as opposed to my past music for dance, which is made up of more direct, songlike pieces, as featured on the Paint en Pointe album). That said, it isn't purely soundscape - there are a few heavily percussive passages that draw on techno and club music influences, and the navigation of these styles remains an important part of my creative goals

  With the conclusion of the Paint en Pointe series and the release of the album, I thought it might be a good time to go back and take a look at my first collaboration with Patric Kuo, oingoboingo from 2013. Matthew Gode, who also performed in Paint en Pointe, co-directed and co-choreographed this one-night performance with Patric. The performance featured a video projector as well as multiple monitors installed in the 2-room space at DNA Projects in Chippendale. I wrote a single short piece for this work, which was looped for the 2 hour duration of the performance. Patric and

  Last year I worked with choreographer Patric Kuo on a 5-month series of contemporary dance performances at Spot81 gallery in Sydney. "Paint en Pointe" saw us create dance works that related to the ongoing exhibitions each month. There were a range of performances within each night, varying from solos up to large ensembles of as many as sixteen dancers. As the months went on we became more ambitious with each program; for the first couple there were 2 works, but by the time we reached the final show, 'Printed Matter,' there were 5 discreet pieces performed on the night.   It was an invigorating

  London label Where To Now? has been a favourite of mine for a while now, putting out exceptional releases from artists like Beatrice Dillon, NPLGNN and Wanda Group. And always with excellent art direction (whether they're vinyl sleeves or cassette inserts). They also run a free download series called "On this Day

  I'm very happy to announce that ImPulsTanz, the International Dance Festival based in Vienna, has used my Dro Carey track 'Libera Me' in their official trailer for the 2014 festival. The festival will run from July 17 - August 17 and features a wide range of contemporary dance and physical performance. The track was originally released via Bandcamp on the Vital Trails EP, where it is still available for purchase.