Dro Carey, Kwame, Renz & Raj Mahal – Atmosphere + Re-Strict



Above you can hear my most recent Dro Carey single ‘Atmosphere’ and its remix, courtesy of Strict Face, both released last year.


Atmosphere first came about during a session here in Sydney with Kwame and Raj Mahal. Going away from that session with Kwame’s hook and Raj’s verse, I restructured and added some new elements before getting in touch with London MC Renz. Renz really impressed me in a freestyle video I saw on Instagram and on radio sets alongside fellow Mob Set members. The three artists I collaborated with on this tune have gone from strength to strength and it was really to cool to put together this combination, and to continue the production thread of past Dro single Elevate.


The Strict Face Remix – or rather Re-Strict – is really stunning and I’m so grateful SF was interested. We’ve both been followers of each others’ work for a really long time now, but this actually marked the first direct interaction between our projects. This remix is extremely transformative when it comes to mood and feeling, but not when it comes to the structure of the featured performances; really the perfect remix approach when there’s rap, I think. At the time of release we interviewed each other for a feature on Red Bull Music. I think it was a pretty interesting chat about producing and DJ’ing in Australia – you can read our discussion here.


Make sure you check out the unstoppable ‘WOW’ by Kwame, as well as Renz’ collab with Squintz ‘I Want,’ and the ‘Sinclair Ford Freestyle’ by Raj Mahal. Streams of those first two tracks are located below. For some reason I’m having trouble with the YouTube embed of the Raj track, you can watch it here.



As with past Dro Carey singles ‘Glow Now’ and ‘Elevate,’ the cover design for ‘Atmosphere’ is by Michael Willis.