I’m a composer, music producer and writer based in Sydney. Completed creative projects are detailed below. Since 2019 I have worked with City People as a researcher on a range of placemaking, arts and cultural planning and evaluation projects.


Composition and Sound Design for Dance and Performance

2021 Fibonacci Made Me Hardcore – Marie Meyer and Patric Kuo [Film]

2021 WING – Linda Luke and Martin Fox/De Quincey Co [Film]

2019 PLATFORM 2019 – De Quincey Co, Articulate Project Space

2017 PLATFORM 2017 – De Quincey Co, Articulate Project Space

2016 WALLFLOWERS – Victoria Hunt, 107 Projects

2016 PLATFORM 2016 – De Quincey Co, KXT Theatre

2016 ALTER – Patric Kuo, In Motion Festival 2016 Airspace Projects

2016 Gonzo Biology – Patric Kuo, Desire Lines 2016

2015 Lacuna – Verity Mackey, Interlude Gallery

2015 Agora – Patric Kuo, Matthew Gode and Alice Robinson, Spot81 Gallery

2014 Paint en Pointe – Patric Kuo, Spot81 Gallery

2013 oingoboingo – Patric Kuo and Matthew Gode, DNA Projects


Sound Recordings – Original

Note: since May 2020, 100% of digital sales of all my self-released music distributed on Bandcamp is donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), Australia, transferred on a rolling basis each time the PayPal balance of net sales income reaches $56. Follow the annotated links for the relevant releases listed below to buy them.


Dro Carey

2020 Nothing Is A Solo Project (Album, Digital), Soothsayer

2020 Hold A Vibe (feat. Alexx A-Game) (Single, Digital), Soothsayer

2020 Another Knot (feat. RUE) / Predictions (Single, Digital), Soothsayer

2020 Clear to You (feat. Francesca Gonzales) / Healer (Single, Digital), Soothsayer

2019 Act Like You’re Home (feat. Beni Moun & Julietta) / Hemisphere (Single, Digital), Soothsayer

2018 Atmosphere (feat. Kwame, Renz & Raj Mahal) (Single, Digital), Soothsayer

2018 Glow Now (feat. Taliwhoah & Genesis Owusu) (Single, Digital), Soothsayer

2016 Elevate (feat. Cadell & Chocolate) (Single, Digital), Soothsayer

2016 Queensberry Rules (feat. Kučka) (12” Vinyl Single), Soothsayer

2016 Dark Zoo (EP, Digital), Soothsayer

2016 Queensberry Rules (feat. Kučka) (Single, Digital), Soothsayer

2016 Grow Lithe (Single, Digital), Soothsayer

2015 Rollcage (Single, Digital), Secret Songs

2014 Club Injury Handbook (EP, Digital), Greco-Roman

2014 ‘Human Parcel’ on split Scope EP (EP, Vinyl), Templar Sound

2013 Vital Trails (EP, Digital), Braincamp

2012 Vault Raider Vol.1 (Mixtape, Digital), Braincamp

2012 Tussin Underwater (Mixtape, Digital), Braincamp

2011 Talk Smak VIP / Ruckus Raffle (12” Vinyl Single), RAMP Recordings

2011 Leary Blips (EP, Vinyl), The Trilogy Tapes

2011 N.R. (12” Vinyl Single), Templar Sound

2011 Journey With The Heavy (EP, Vinyl and CD) RAMP Recordings

2011 Night Raid (EP, Digital), Templar Sound

2011 Much Coke (EP, Digital), Templar Sound

2011 Candy Red (12” Vinyl Single), Hum + Buzz

2010 Venus Knock (EP, Vinyl), The Trilogy Tapes


Tuff Sherm

2020 Spore Whisky (Album, Digital), Braincamp [Buy here – All sales donated to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre]

2019 ‘Ska Console’ on VA – Or.VA1 (Compilation album, Digital), Orphan Records

2015 Greenhouse Dance (Single, Digital), Braincamp

2015 Dern Work [with Patch Free] (EP, Vinyl), Hot Haus Recs

2015 Party Scraps [with Patch Free] (EP, Vinyl), Butter Sessions

2014 ‘Acre Summit’ on VA – Butter Sessions 02 (Compilation album, Vinyl), Butter Sessions

2014 ‘Backwoods’ on VA – WhereIIDance Vol. 1 (Compilation album, Cassette), Where to Now?

2014 Gracefully Force Consensus (Album, Cassette), Reckno

2014 ‘Scope’ and ‘Prime Engine’ on split Scope EP (EP, Vinyl), Templar Sound

2014 Smugglers Bureau (12” Vinyl Single), Berceuse Heroique

2014 ‘Drain Spectre (After Virgo)’ on split with Duplex (12” Vinyl Single), Midlight Records

2014 ‘Beast Numeral’ and ‘Topaz Looper’ on split with Cassius Select (EP, Vinyl), Plastic World

2013 ‘Armorine’ on VA – Below The Radar 12 (Compilation album, Digital), The Wire Magazine

2013 ‘Idle Engines’ on VA – Dark Acid (Compilation album, Vinyl), Clan Destine Records

2013 Struggle Smell (Album, Cassette), Reckno

2013 Solvent Dream (10” Vinyl Single), ANUS Records

2013 Vault Raider Vol. 2 (Mixtape, Digital), Braincamp

2013 Shrapnel Maestro (Album, Digital release – Braincamp, Vinyl release – Merok)

2013 ‘The Meriton Winter’ on VA – Winter EP (Compilation EP, Digital), Feral Media

2013 Burglar Loops (EP, Vinyl), The Trilogy Tapes

2012 ‘Raymond Sees The Dog’ on VA – Cold Holiday (Compilation album, Digital), Opal Tapes

2012 The Pagan Cinema (Album, Cassette), Opal Tapes

2012 Canal Cloaking (Album, Cassette), Reckno

2011 Pharmacy (EP, Vinyl), The Trilogy Tapes


Eugene Ward

2020 Life After Prog (Album, Digital), Braincamp [Buy here – All sales donated to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre]

2015 On This Day (Single, Digital), Where to Now?

2015 Paint en Pointe (Album, Vinyl), Where to Now?



2020 Breaking Power (Album, Digital), Braincamp [Buy here – All sales donated to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre]

2015 Serpent’s Promise (12” Vinyl Single), Berceuse Heroique

2014 ‘Accidents and Old Lace’ on VA – No Lotion (Compilation album, Digital), Opal Tapes


Mirror (with Sam Purcell)

2014 Trial (EP, Vinyl), Blank Mind


Sound Recordings – Remixes

Dro Carey

2020 Elle Músa – Mango Pops (We Are Golden)

2017 Jess Kent – The Sweet Spot (Capitol Records)

2016 Cliques – Dotted (Tempa)

2016 Rainbow Chan – Last (Silo Arts & Records)

2012 Jonathan Boulet – This Song Is Called Ragged (Modular Recordings)

2012 Jonti – Nightshift in Blue (Stones Throw)

2012 Alba – Caspers Theme (Life Aquatic)

2012 Thomas William – SOMA2602 (This Thing)

2012 Becoming Real – Work Me (feat. Lady Chann) (Not Even)

2011 Patten – Words Collided (No Pain In Pop)

2011 Mane Mane – Skin Fox (Triple You Tapes)

2010 Forest Swords – Rattling Cage (No Pain In Pop)


Tuff Sherm

2014 Larry Gus – With All Your Eyes Look (DFA)

2014 Terriers – Stardragon (Major Problems)

2014 Cassius Select – Bruv (Plastic World)

2014 Hound Scales – Spahnners (Fifth Wall)

2013 Maps – You Will Find A Way (Mute)

2013 Eaux – New Peaks (Morning Ritual Recordings)

2012 Halls – Roses For The Dead (No Pain In Pop)



2014 Super Magic Hats – More Than Words (Feral Media)


Sound Syncs

2023 Pressiat ABSOLUMENT Fall Winter 2023-2024 collection (Social film)

2019 Palace x Kickers (Social campaign asset)

2018 Palace x Reebok (Social campaign asset)

2014 ImPulsTanz International Dance Festival (Identity trailer)

2013 Shawn Powers: Welcome to Palace Skateboards




2014 Mortal Proxy: Gazeless (Self-published short) [Read here]

2014 Artifacts #34 (Top Cow – Winner, 2012 Talent Hunt) [Read on comiXology]


Video – Music Videos, Visualisations and Motion Art

2016 Alba & Oscar Key Sung – So Easily (Plastic World)

2015 Thomas William – Sleepwalk (Plastic World)

2015 Elite Athlete – Pagan Conjurer (Cult Trip)

2015 Polographia – Rhythm (feat. Jordan Padilla) (Sweat It Out!)

2015 Grey People – Too Much Relevance (Public System Recordings)

2015 Beneath – 50/50 (Berceuse Heroique)

2015 Tairiq & Garfield – Hood Low (Software)

2014 GL – Take Me Back (Plastic World)

2012 ‘Loveland’ for ACTION! International Film Club curated by Christian Petersen, Dazed and Confused Festival London