Ritual – RTL 301.2202.67

Ritual is a collaborative project from Tom Smith (AKA Thomas William) and Hamish Dixon (1/2 of Cliques, and AKA 48/4).


This is one of the first completed tracks from the project. It’s great to get something so rhythmically intense to work with as it allows you to take a really aggressive approach and engage with experimental edit and design decisions. I employed a lot of intense cutting and strobing, with certain image flashes corresponding to specific sounds (eg. the rewind FX sound and the snare drum “trigger” specific images/footage). The frame timing has to be precise when you try to pair things like this – slightly out and you risk losing the sound-image relationship you’re trying to convey, which may be with a sample that is only half a second long – and there’s no few frame window either side for it to still register, as in a scene-to-scene jump cut. My main source footage was some video I took with my mobile when I was in rural Western Australia in October.