ALTER is a short dance video I created with Patric Kuo for the 2016 In Motion Festival at AirSpace Projects Sydney. The video was developed over about 12 months.   The process behind ALTER begins with an animated sequence I made while in Beijing in October 2015. Without internet or speakers, I found myself silently experimenting with some visual ideas, largely based around a morphing - almost trembling - grid of lines. I didn't have a particular project in mind for these clips - they were just experiments that I thought might later prove useful for a music video or live visuals

  This is a free download track that I released late last year. 2015 was a productive year for the Tuff Sherm project, however, the majority of tracks that came out under the TS banner that year were collaborations with Patch Free (The EPs on Butter Sessions and Hot Haus). So I wanted to do something to indicate where I felt the mood of the Tuff Sherm solo material was heading. I guess I recorded this track as a kind of 'update' on the project. That's the vaguely strategic rationale behind it. The creative impetus was that as soon as the

  This is the second video taken from the Dern Work EP that I released in collaboration with Patch Free earlier this year (Zone 3 was the first track to get a video). This is probably my personal favourite track from the EP. I went for visuals that were appropriately disorienting and brittle, employing many of my custom degradation filters I've developed over the last two years. As I've noted in the past, these filters have both an aesthetic and a technical purpose - applied to the right clip, they mean a reduction of the details that would be assaulted by

  Alba are a Sydney-based production duo made up of Sam Weston and Thomas McAlister. Tom also produces music solo under the alias Cop Envy, while Sam too has solo material forthcoming (no alias, I believe it will be under his real name). The pair have been on my radar for a while. This is largely owing to how they've long offered one of the best live electronic shows in Sydney, performing their shapeshifting and often immaculately tasteful take on techno/house/UK garage on a bevy of linked gear with both smooth technique and and a sense of organic groove (in a

  'Odd Dweller' is an older Tuff Sherm track produced in the earliest days of the project. It sat around unreleased for a while, up until its inclusion on the bonus Vault Raider download that came with the Shrapnel Maestro vinyl LP.   Since the Shrapnel Maestro album was originally a Bandcamp digital release that was later licensed to Merok to be pressed as a record, there wasn't much reason to include a download voucher (as I guessed many of the buyers would be people who had already downloaded it and wanted it on vinyl). So instead the Vault Raider compilation was included

  Here's a clip I recently completed for Sydney-based label Cult Trip for their new release by Elite Athlete. I enjoyed working on this video because the sounds in the track were overtly dark and dramatic and this encouraged me to commit to some 'extremes' visually, both in terms of kitsch and (hopefully) genuine horror.   At just over 6 minutes it's the longest music video I've completed. Fortunately, the track features various builds, variations and - most importantly on my end - interesting rhythms that meant it was not a difficult length to work with, as these allowed many different, contrasting edit

  I recently completed this video for Sydney duo Polographia, which premiered as a Facebook-embedded promotional clip. The video is for their new single Rhythm with vocalist Jordan Padilla, out on Sweat It Out! Music.   It was a good experience to work within quite a firm stylistic brief, producing visuals that had to be congruous with the single and EP artwork, as well as past designs and videos associated with the band.   The video makes use of both keyframe 2D animation (the musical notes) and generative emitters (the 'worms'). The psychedelic sequences were done in VDMX. These lysergic feedback sequences appear a few

  Here's a recent video that I created for Grey People, for a track called 'Too Much Relevance.' It's from a split 12" with DJ Spider called 'Service Elevator,' which will be out soon on Public System Recordings. It will be the first release from the new label but it follows Grey People's releases with Proper Trax and Cult Trip, as well as DJ Spider's prolific body of work. Public System will have an interesting setup as its operators are each based in Paris and Melbourne.   For me this video saw continued experimentation with digital artifacting while negotiating the compression and video

  The album release of the Paint en Pointe dance compositions - out via Where to Now? - comes with some bonus tracks on the digital version - including remixes from Murlo and Cliques. I decided to put together a clip for the Cliques remix of Place (Large Group), since it's at a tempo that I enjoy editing at. Once again the reliable Hurfyd hosted the clip.   Paint en Pointe is available now on vinyl / digital from the Where to Now? Bandcamp, as well as select online outlets like Boomkat.