Triple J Mix Up Residency

Edit/update December 2017: Despite my praise about the platform, the third week’s mix from the residency has been removed from Mixcloud! I’ve sent an email to their support team to try and find out why – will report back if I hear anything. Enjoy weeks 1 and 2 below.


In August I was invited to host Triple J’s Mix Up show as their monthly resident DJ, which also included an hour long Dro Carey mix each Saturday over 3 weeks. It was a lot of fun hanging with Lewi McKirdy and getting to showcase a bunch of interesting tracks. If you didn’t get a chance to catch the show live on air those 3 Saturdays in August, or on the temporary ‘listen back’ uploads on the ABC site, don’t worry as they are all archived on Mixcloud and can be checked out below. Track lists for each mix are available when you click through to the individual upload pages on the Mixcloud site.



You may have seen Mixcloud cropping up more and more lately as a streaming solution for DJ mixes. This is because this platform – unlike SoundCloud – operates like a radio streaming service and automatically divides advertising views/click revenue between the songwriters of the songs included in each mix. It conforms to various national publishing regulations (such as a United States measure that stops you from over-stacking it with the same artists/writers within a certain duration) and can only be streamed, not downloaded. So basically it’s a legitimate, legal solution for DJs and independent radio stations to archive their mixes. For this reason I do recommend you check it out – you can find Dro Carey mixes here and Tuff Sherm mixes here.