December 2015

  This is the second video taken from the Dern Work EP that I released in collaboration with Patch Free earlier this year (Zone 3 was the first track to get a video). This is probably my personal favourite track from the EP. I went for visuals that were appropriately disorienting and brittle, employing many of my custom degradation filters I've developed over the last two years. As I've noted in the past, these filters have both an aesthetic and a technical purpose - applied to the right clip, they mean a reduction of the details that would be assaulted by

  Alba are a Sydney-based production duo made up of Sam Weston and Thomas McAlister. Tom also produces music solo under the alias Cop Envy, while Sam too has solo material forthcoming (no alias, I believe it will be under his real name). The pair have been on my radar for a while. This is largely owing to how they've long offered one of the best live electronic shows in Sydney, performing their shapeshifting and often immaculately tasteful take on techno/house/UK garage on a bevy of linked gear with both smooth technique and and a sense of organic groove (in a