December 2016

    Last year I collaborated with dancer and performance artist Verity Mackey on a project called 'Lacuna,' which was performed over 2 nights at Interlude Gallery in Glebe, Sydney. We were fortunate enough to have the first night's show shot by director Eliya Nikki Cohen. An edit of Eliya's footage is streamable above. Huge thanks to Eliya for documenting and editing the video for such a long piece. And a special thank you also to Interlude Gallery for allowing us to work and perform in the space.   A 'lacuna' is a gap or indentation - a technical/medical example of the word's use

Header image - Good Manners Melbourne Music Week Closing Party at the Victoria State Library (Photo - Finding Figaro)     Edit: Looks like the Brunswick Sound mix series has moved or been removed - so please enjoy the other two mixes in this post!   If you've already listened through all the Triple J Residency mixes and find yourself wanting to hear some more Dro mixes, here are some recent sets recorded for three different mix series.   They're all on the shorter side, which means they get to showcase quite different genres and energies (compared to the type of tracks that work for longer mixes).