October 2015

  Here's a clip I recently completed for Sydney-based label Cult Trip for their new release by Elite Athlete. I enjoyed working on this video because the sounds in the track were overtly dark and dramatic and this encouraged me to commit to some 'extremes' visually, both in terms of kitsch and (hopefully) genuine horror.   At just over 6 minutes it's the longest music video I've completed. Fortunately, the track features various builds, variations and - most importantly on my end - interesting rhythms that meant it was not a difficult length to work with, as these allowed many different, contrasting edit

  Lullabies For Insomniacs was a radio show on Melbourne's PBS 106.7 FM. It remains an ongoing mix series and website run by the show's host Izabel Caligiore. Izabel invited me to contribute a mix for the series so I decided to take the opportunity to spotlight some of the Paint en Pointe pieces that were not included on the Where to Now? album release. Apart from the footage of the actual shows these pieces haven't been heard anywhere before. (And in the case of one of them, it's not even available that way as we did not get sufficient coverage