November 2015

This week Verity Mackey will perform a new solo dance work called Lacuna at Interlude Gallery in Sydney. I have composed the score for this performance - an extended electronic piece that is dominantly concerned with sound design and the conjuring of environments (as opposed to my past music for dance, which is made up of more direct, songlike pieces, as featured on the Paint en Pointe album). That said, it isn't purely soundscape - there are a few heavily percussive passages that draw on techno and club music influences, and the navigation of these styles remains an important part of my creative goals

  'Odd Dweller' is an older Tuff Sherm track produced in the earliest days of the project. It sat around unreleased for a while, up until its inclusion on the bonus Vault Raider download that came with the Shrapnel Maestro vinyl LP.   Since the Shrapnel Maestro album was originally a Bandcamp digital release that was later licensed to Merok to be pressed as a record, there wasn't much reason to include a download voucher (as I guessed many of the buyers would be people who had already downloaded it and wanted it on vinyl). So instead the Vault Raider compilation was included