October 2014

  Today Reckno announced a new limited cassette release comprising two projects of mine - Tuff Sherm and PMM. The 'Gracefully Force Consensus' C60 takes the form of a 'split' artist release between the projects, though instead of the typical 'one side each' setup, the tracks alternate back and forth between the two projects. I was very happy to supply Chris at Reckno with something on the video end of things for this release too. I decided to choose a less obvious track - the piano-driven PMM interlude 'Deal Season.' Reckno have also uploaded a stream of another PMM track from

  Just over a week ago Software released a new mixtape spearheaded by my long-time collaborator Napolian. This follows his amazing LP this year which I was fortunate enough to contribute to musically. Road To Incursio is available as a free download or in a very limited physical cassette edition.   Though this mixtape is mixed and sequenced by Ian, it is really about the group effort here, and introduces a production team - The Renaissance - that I am very excited to be a part of. A couple of collabs completed prior to the formation of that team are included here as

  Today Noisey premiered the new video that I created for Melbourne duo GL, for their track Take Me Back. This video clip marks the first time I've extensively used Motion for a music video, as opposed to just using keyframes to create movement and automation within Final Cut. I was quite happy with the Atari-style game I came up with for this - something a bit like a super-primitive version of Dance Dance Revolution. A competitive 2-player round of this 'game' basically provides the narrative and impetus between all the other abstract visualisations in the video. It was also interesting

  Here is a personal video that I created and scored some time ago that I only recently got around to uploading. The music is performed by a string sextet (two violins, two violas, two cellos) and was originally written as part of a composition task at AFTRS last year. I thought it might be interesting to attempt creating a video accompaniment, and I ended up with this: "Sleepers Afterpiece," a video that attempts to capture the sensation just prior to falling asleep and just prior to waking. I worked with simple blocks of colour, as well as video game objects