March 2015

Header image - Detail from Patric's solo performance during Paint en Pointe V - Paper (Photo by Julian Kuo)     When I first started speaking with James and Matt at Where to Now? about doing the compilation of my Paint en Pointe dance pieces, the idea of including remixes was something I was immediately drawn to. It seemed logical that the first recorded release of "Eugene Ward, composer" should offer some kind of link to the world of Dro Carey, which has been my main musical outlet for a good few years. The stems of the Paint en Pointe compositions seemed to

  Berceuse Heroique has a new EP on the way from Beneath. This tune, "50/50," is the opening track on the record. I've been a fan of Beneath's productions for a good while now and I was naturally very keen to provide some visuals for one of his tracks. He's also an outstanding DJ and I strongly recommend that you download any and all of his podcast series entries/radio guest mixes should you come across them.   This video continues many of the generative and blend mode experiments I've been conducting over this past year, as well as the concentrated use of artifacts

  Last year I worked with choreographer Patric Kuo on a 5-month series of contemporary dance performances at Spot81 gallery in Sydney. "Paint en Pointe" saw us create dance works that related to the ongoing exhibitions each month. There were a range of performances within each night, varying from solos up to large ensembles of as many as sixteen dancers. As the months went on we became more ambitious with each program; for the first couple there were 2 works, but by the time we reached the final show, 'Printed Matter,' there were 5 discreet pieces performed on the night.   It was an invigorating