Berceuse Heroique has a new EP on the way from Beneath. This tune, "50/50," is the opening track on the record. I've been a fan of Beneath's productions for a good while now and I was naturally very keen to provide some visuals for one of his tracks. He's also an outstanding DJ and I strongly recommend that you download any and all of his podcast series entries/radio guest mixes should you come across them.   This video continues many of the generative and blend mode experiments I've been conducting over this past year, as well as the concentrated use of artifacts   Software have just announced the new EP, Childhood Swing, from production duo Tairiq & Garfield. This is the first single, titled HOOD LOW. The work of the twins was previously highlighted in Napolian's Road to Incursio mixtape, with that mixtape operating as something of a primer on the artists involved in the Renaissance project. Having collaborated with them musically, and having completed a video clip for Napolian's THERM.G track, it made sense to come on board to help create the 'visual single' for the new release - and Software debut - from Tairiq & Garfield.   The track is super heavy and

Ritual is a collaborative project from Tom Smith (AKA Thomas William) and Hamish Dixon (1/2 of Cliques, and AKA 48/4).   This is one of the first completed tracks from the project. It's great to get something so rhythmically intense to work with as it allows you to take a really aggressive approach and engage with experimental edit and design decisions. I employed a lot of intense cutting and strobing, with certain image flashes corresponding to specific sounds (eg. the rewind FX sound and the snare drum "trigger" specific images/footage). The frame timing has to be precise when you try to pair

  This was something quick that I completed over the weekend. I felt a bit of an urge to keep up my work on screen music and sound design. This video was created by opening a very large image in a browser window and "panning" across the image using screen capture software and the scroll bars of the window. I cut this pan into a loop and I then blended that sequence in various ways. There was a natural rhythm to the edit that was defined by the scrolling loop. I then employed the trusty functions of Digital Performer to mark

  This is a new personal work and the full title is actually "a7ab0c43c548aa19146b3b52bdf77f61" - which is the MD5 code generated for the word 'White.' Possible subsequent videos in the series will be titled with similar MD5 hashes, corresponding to 'Link' and 'Recordings' respectively. The combined phrase - 'White Link Recordings' - is the name of a fictional record label, which I posit to have existed from roughly 1989 - 2000, and the music included in the sound design of the video series is presented in the form of three discrete DJ sets comprising selections from the discography of the record

  When I was in London in October last year I met up with Sam Purcell. Sam is head of the Blank Mind record label, where, alongside 12"s from DJ Clent and Alan Johnson, he has released his own music as DANCE. We ended up organising a studio session and we completed what would become the first track by a collaborative project we'd later dub Mirror. This track became "Trialone," I guess in reference to the 'trial' status of our collaboration. The process that day was interesting compared to my typical approach because it was recorded live, through a combination of

  Today Reckno announced a new limited cassette release comprising two projects of mine - Tuff Sherm and PMM. The 'Gracefully Force Consensus' C60 takes the form of a 'split' artist release between the projects, though instead of the typical 'one side each' setup, the tracks alternate back and forth between the two projects. I was very happy to supply Chris at Reckno with something on the video end of things for this release too. I decided to choose a less obvious track - the piano-driven PMM interlude 'Deal Season.' Reckno have also uploaded a stream of another PMM track from

  Today Noisey premiered the new video that I created for Melbourne duo GL, for their track Take Me Back. This video clip marks the first time I've extensively used Motion for a music video, as opposed to just using keyframes to create movement and automation within Final Cut. I was quite happy with the Atari-style game I came up with for this - something a bit like a super-primitive version of Dance Dance Revolution. A competitive 2-player round of this 'game' basically provides the narrative and impetus between all the other abstract visualisations in the video. It was also interesting

  Here is a personal video that I created and scored some time ago that I only recently got around to uploading. The music is performed by a string sextet (two violins, two violas, two cellos) and was originally written as part of a composition task at AFTRS last year. I thought it might be interesting to attempt creating a video accompaniment, and I ended up with this: "Sleepers Afterpiece," a video that attempts to capture the sensation just prior to falling asleep and just prior to waking. I worked with simple blocks of colour, as well as video game objects